Avene Cleanance K 40ml

Cleanance K is formulated as a daily treatment for oily skin with imperfections. Through its exfoliating, mattifying and hydrating properties, it will help eliminate pimples and blackheads.






Cleanance K is formulated as a daily treatment for oily skin with imperfections. Through its exfoliating, mattifying and hydrating properties, it will help eliminate pimples and blackheads.


For its 10th anniversary in 2009, with constant improvements in mind, the Cleanance K formula was optimized for even better effectiveness:

-More effective in removing imperfections and controlling oil production. Complexion becomes smoother and more even.

-A new and innovative cream-gel texture:

This light and comfortable texture offers a non shiny, non oily finish. Its lamellar structure made of liquid crystals plays a storage role for key ingredients which are released in a slow and continuous manner.


Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic.


  1. Strengthened exfoliating action through the unique synergy of AHA and BHA*. The BHA concentration has been increased in this new formula in order to maximize its effectiveness.

    The advantage of this synergistic action is to work at several levels, resulting in a true peeling effect which unclogs pores.

    *AHA and BHA: Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids.

- Oil Regulating due to the ingredient Glyceryl Laurate

  1. Optimal skin hydration:
    Botanical-based emulsifier for a slow release of Cleanance K key ingredients.

    Each component of the oil phase was specifically selected to bring additional hydration while guaranteeing a non oily and non shiny finish.

  2. Long-lasting soothing and anti-irritating effect:
    Naturally active Avène Thermal Spring Water provides true soothing properties that can be felt immediately.

    The combination of alpha-bisabolol and zinc gluconate strengthens this anti-irritating effect and helps in long-lasting soothing.


Cleanance K is an exfoliating and hydrating product for oily, blemish-prone skin with imperfections.


  • Usage test conducted by 27 women and 5 men with oily skin during 21 consecutive days.

    - Application once a day ( morning or evening at home) under normal use conditions.

    - Dermatological and Ophthalmological controls.

    Results show:

  • Cosmetic qualities:
    - Easy-to-use format: 94%.
    - Nice looking: 88%.
    - Nice color: 94%.
    - Good consistency: 91%.
    - Easy to apply: 100%.
    - Satisfactory penetration time: 100%.
    - Easy make-up**: 84%.
    - Satisfactory make-up hold**: 96%.
    ** on 25 subjects.
  • Effectiveness:
    After 21 days, the skin feels:
    - More supple: 88%.
    - Softer: 84%.
    - More comfortable: 81%.
    - Increased hydration: 81%.
    - Smoother: 78%.
  • Under normal use conditions, Cleanance K showed good skin acceptability and very good ocular acceptability.


Active Ingredients

Glycolic acid + Lactic Acid (AHA), Salicylic Acid (BHA) - Exfoliates, Glycerol Laurate - Regulates sebum secretion, Zinc Gluconate - Purifies, Oil absorbing powders - Mattifying


Dosage & Warnings

With its slow release texture, Cleanance K is only applied once a day (morning or evening) after cleansing with Cleanance Soapless gel cleanser and drying thoroughly. Hydroxy acids might cause slight temporary tingling, mainly if applied to damp skin. Do not apply around eyes or lips. Make-up can be applied on top of Cleanance K. A clinical test (see Clinical evaluations section) showed that using make-up after applying Cleanance K was easy (84%) and offered good hold (96%). Use a suitable sunscreen. Do not use on children under the age of 3.

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