Clinicians Glucosamine 1500mg 60tabs

High strength Glucosamine 1500mg is a convenient 1- A-Day research based glucosamine formula to help support joint health.

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Clinicians Glucosamine 1500mg is formulated to provide targeted nutrition required by synovial joints, cartilage and connective tissue to help maintain joint health. Glucosamine is the primary substrate and stimulant required for a polysaccharide protein found in cartilage and connective tissue which plays a vital role in the prevention and treatment of OA.4 Glucosamine has demonstrated an important protective role in maintaining cartilage and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent for OA.5 Glucosamine also plays a key role in increasing synovial production of hyaluronic acid which is required for lubrication and the shock absorbing properties of synovial fluid.

Active Ingredients

Glucosamine hydrochloride (Glucosamine 1245mg) 1500mg


Dosage & Warnings

One tablet daily with food or as directed. Exercise caution if there are any known allergies to crustaceans as glucosamine is derived from the exoskeletons (outer shell) of shrimp, crab and/or lobster. NB studies have shown that there is no chance of an allergic response in shrimp sensitive individuals when the protein content of glucosamine is less than 0.1%.16 . Based on in-vitro studies, glucosamine may have an effect on insulin secretion and/or insulin action. This effect however has not been documented in human studies at the recommended dose. Glucosamine is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to a lack of research to confirm its safety.

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