COCO-SCALP is an application for dry scaly scalp conditions. It is a coconut oil compound to treat Dandruff and other scaly scalp conditions such as: Psoriasis Seborrhoeic dermatitis Eczema.

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COCO-SCALP is an application for dry scaly scalp conditions. 

Active Ingredients

Coal tar solution 12%, Salicylic acid 2%,Sulphur 4%, Coconut oil, White soft paraffin, Cetosteryl alcohol, Liquid paraffin, Polyoxyethylene glycerol monostearate, Hard paraffin.


Dosage & Warnings

Apply to affected areas of scalp and remove after one hour using warm water and a shampoo. Repeat the process daily for 3 to 7 days. Warning Not suitable for under 6 year olds. If symptoms persist for more than 4 weeks see your Doctor.



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