Vicks VapoDrops Original Menthol 24 Lozenges

Clears the nose & Soothes the throat

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Vicks VapoDrops Original Menthol 24 Lozenges eases blocked nose and nasal passages due to colds. It can also help in soothing dry and irritated throat with a cool sensation.

Do not allow to sore throat or stuffy nose bring you down. Vicks Vapodrops Original Menthol saves you from this inconvenience. It has menthol in it to effectively relieve Coughing, sneezing and sore throat. 

Why should I have Vicks Vapodrops Original Menthol?

Vicks Vapodrops Original Menthol is a Coughsuppressant that provides quick and effective relief. This oral anaesthetic is taken as a lozenge that is filled with medicine to calm and clear your nasal passages. As you take the lozenges, it quickly dissolves into a soothing syrup for temporary relief.

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